about amerwrecka

Carpenter gives real world solutions to America's problems, including:

  • How America can become energy independent in two years time and everyone enjoy fuel at 40 cents a gallon;
  • How basic healthcare can be free for everyone at little cost to the Government;
  • How health insurance can be made cheaper and voluntary, and there is no need for the individual mandate or the President's health insurance plan;
  • How you can prevent the loss of your freedom to the new army of 16,000 IRS-CID Special Agents that the President wants to hire to invade your homes and businesses using sealed search warrants;
  • Learn who the most dangerous man in America really is, because it is probably not who you think it is;
  • Learn the policies that the new President should adopt in order to put America back on course to being the greatest nation in the World.


This book is written for young people, and especially the Black and Hispanic communities that voted overwhelmingly for the President in 2008, so that they realize the following:

  • Young Black men are being prosecuted in federal courts and sentenced to ten years for doing the same drugs the last three Presidents have all admitted to doing, despite having a Black President and a Black Attorney General;
  • This President has deported more of our Mexican brothers than all past Presidents put together;
  • The President and Attorney General Eric Holder are responsible for more North Americans dying than all the American wars since World War II combined;
  • Using the money that the IRS sends out in fraudulent tax refunds each year could send each Black and Hispanic child in the country to a prep school like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates attended.

AMERWRECKA gives a clear description of the problems facing America, who the ‘AMERWRECKERS’ really are, and how to stop them before America goes over the cliff.

It is no longer morning in America; it is not even half-time; instead, this is America's final quarter and you need to WAKE-UP NOW and read this Book before it is too late for you and your family.

AMERWRECKA, should be required reading for everyone 18 years of age and older.